A weekend in cold Copenhagen


Today I have a post a little more practical. A few months ago I took a weekend break in Copenhagen in Denmark. The capital of this Scandinavian country is quite big and famous for its statue of «The Little Mermaid», the «The Bridge» series or its «hygge» philosophy. Visiting this city is not cheap, however, you can find many free or low-cost activities that can save you a little money.


1. Breakfast in Kalaset 

I found this restaurant in several blogs saying that it was a very cozy place with big, rich and well-priced breakfasts. I decided to give it a go and the place was everything I expected: good prices, good food and cozy atmosphere. Do not hesitate to share dishes, as the portions are quite large.

2. Strolling in the glass market: Torvehallerne

I feel like for some time now, closed markets with small restaurants and bars mixed with stores of all kinds of products are very trendy in many European cities. This market is not the exception. It is a good place to eat or buy food products when you have a little or lots of time. In addition, its architecture is beautiful and its interior has a very modern Scandinavian touch.

Copenhaguen-March 17, 2018-8Copenhaguen-March 17, 2018-4Copenhaguen-March 17, 2018-6


3. Shelter from the cold in the Botanical Garden

This botanical garden, Palmehuset, spared us from the wind and the late freezing cold of March. It has many types of plants and the entrance is free. I am sure that during the summer it must be a very beautiful park where to walk around.

Copenhaguen-March 17, 2018-12

4. Shopping in Strøget

This pedestrian street is one of the longest in Europe. It has shops of all kinds, and although for me it was a bit stressful to be among so many people, it is a good place to visit if you like shopping.

Copenhaguen-March 17, 2018-31

5. Picture in Nyhavn

An iconic place, where you can forsure take a nice picture, but I would not advise eating here if you are looking for not so touristic experiences.

Copenhaguen-March 17, 2018-13

6. CPH: DOX * (Documentary Festival) at the Kunsthal Charlottenborg 

During our visit, we were lucky to learn that there was a documentary festival in the city. So there were many free movies and activities at the contemporary art center of Charlottenborg, which is located a stone’s throw from Nyhavn. My advice is that whenever you visit a new city, ask what festivals or events are in museums or cultural centers, you can almost always find good gems. We managed to see a documentary film in Virtual Reality in a room with a lot of Danish design.

For example, this museum currently offers a BIKE ART TOUR, the map can be downloaded at its website. Through this tour, you can visit 10 contemporary artworks o that are found in public spaces around the city. This can be an original way to discover the city during the summer.

Copenhaguen-March 17, 2018-15Copenhaguen-March 17, 2018-16Copenhaguen-March 17, 2018-17Copenhaguen-March 17, 2018-19


7. Walking towards Rundetårn (the Round Tower)  

Walking or cycling through the streets of Copenhagen is a perfect way to discover hidden and not-so-hidden places in the city. In addition, in this way you can stop and enter the small design boutiques that are located throughout the city.

Copenhaguen-March 17, 2018-23Copenhaguen-March 17, 2018-26Copenhaguen-March 17, 2018-27

8. «The Black Diamond» or Royal Library of Denmark

An Italian friend who lives in Copenhagen suggested me to visit the Royal Library of Denmark. It has a very peculiar and impressive architecture. Admission is free and there is also a small cafe, perfect to take strength if it is cold.

Copenhaguen-March 17, 2018-40Copenhaguen-March 17, 2018-43Copenhaguen-March 17, 2018-44

9. Visit to the Danish Architecture Centre

Walking through the area of Christiania, we saw this beautiful building in the distance and decided to get closer to see what was inside. We had a nice surprise because despite being a little hidden, the view of the Opera is beautiful from this point. Unfortunately, the center of Danish architecture is no longer here, as it was recently transferred to a new building, the BLOX, which is opposite the «Black Diamond».

Copenhaguen-March 17, 2018-60Copenhaguen-March 17, 2018-61Copenhaguen-March 17, 2018-59

10. Walking through the streets of the Christiania neighborhood

After a long day, walking and dying of cold, we ended up appreciating the sunset between the streets of Christiania, where there were many super cute and quiet cafes. Which contrasts a lot with what there are only a few streets away: the famous self-declared «Free zone of Christiania» (Fristaden Christiania). 

Copenhaguen-March 17, 2018-54Copenhaguen-March 17, 2018-56


1. Visita to Rosenborg Castle

We started the second that with a touristic visit to the Rosenborg Castle. It is a very beautiful castle, small compared to Versailles or other French castles. But it’s worth paying the entrance, and learn a little about the history of Denmark.

2. Looking for the «Forgotten Giagiants«

One of the things I wanted to do at all costs was to find the 6 giants hidden in the area of Copenhagen by the artist Thomas Dambo. The project originated in 2016 and seeks to «bring art out of the museum, show the beautiful and often overlooked nature spots, and at the same time give an exciting and different experience». With little time and a lot of cold, we only had time to look for two of them: «Sleeping Louis» and «Oscar under the bridge». It took us about 3 hours and a lot of walking. I think that the best way to find them all is to rent a bicycle, take it into the trains and follow the routes to look for the giants.

You can find the map on the artist’s website.

Copenhaguen-March 18, 2018-32Copenhaguen-March 18, 2018-57Copenhaguen-March 18, 2018-53

3. Den Blå Planet 

Our last visit of the second day was the aquarium. The «Blue Planet» is the largest aquarium in Northern Europe and was recently opened. Its architecture is impressive, in some way it reminded me of the Soumaya in the Mexico City or some Frank Gehry’s building. Honestly, the price of this place is a bit high and I do not recommend coffee. However, if you like rare animals like me, it is an interesting place to visit and see all kinds of aquatic species.

Copenhaguen-March 18, 2018-41

3. Walking near Tivoli and dinner at Vesterbro

To end the day, we headed towards the Vesterbro neighborhood. Here we found many beautiful restaurants to get dinner and it was difficult to choose since they all have incredible design interiors and food of all kinds. The restaurant Madklubben looked amazing, and although we did not try it, I think a dinner there might be worth it.

 Copenhaguen-March 18, 2018-61.jpg

Copenhaguen-Iph-March 18, 2018.jpg





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