Trouville-sur-mer: a beautiful Normand beach


In the northwest of France there is a small province called Normandy. What’s in Normandy? Why visit a beach in Normandy when you have the south of France? These are some questions I have come to hear about this region. However, this province has its own charm and fascinated some of the most famous impressionist painters of the nineteenth century. At that time, the beach of Trouville was named as the «Reine des Plages» (The Queen of the Beaches).

Sur les planches de Trouvilleoil on canvas50 x 70 cm
CLAUDE MONET, Sur les planches de Trouville, 1870, oil on canvas, Private Collection

Today, this seaside resort is a favorite destination for many Parisians who seek a bit of tranquility just an hour and a half from their homes, as it is the closest beach to the French capital.


DSC_1770 (delicious crèpes at Tutti Frutti )



This is a perfect place to spend a few days of rest and fun, away from the stress of the capital!

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